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Don’t Be Fooled: It Is Not Only Humans Who Do Sex For Fun

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Meet bonobo apes: along with chimpanzees human’s closest relative, the three species sharing 99% genome.  chimp & bonobo & Darwin image credit: National Geographic Bonobos and…

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Planned Obsolescence

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? A light bulb in Livermore, CA, has been on since 1901. The inventor is no longer among us, and the secret of the Centennial Light…

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A Walk In The Woods

A Walk in the Woods: Teaching Project Have you ever walked in the woods, and seen what’s really there? This will be a unique trip. Every walk in the woods … Continue reading

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The Wait

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The universe has the funniest ways of making things fall into place. Just when you put your guard down, When you dont even know it. Somethings…

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Date someone completely different 👍

Here’s a thought to start your weekend with… a great insight by jewellables… make sure to visit and experience it yourself.

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A Letter to a Friend

There is a life we live and the Life Beyond. The world we live in and the World Beyond. How do I find thee, wandering between the two? Are you hiding? Can … Continue reading

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Love Thyself

“When a woman becomes her own best friend life is easier.” /Diane von Furstenberg Love Thyself, Love Thyself to ludicrous, because – as poet once said – falling in love with … Continue reading

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